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So you're stuck in traffic?

Disclaimer: Just so you know, I’m not some fancy-pants business owner or corporate shill trying to sell you stuff. Nope, I’m just a regular person who’s been lucky enough to call Lake Tahoe home for 14 years. These are my own ramblings and musings, so take ’em or leave ’em. But if you found them helpful, or heck, even mildly amusing, feel free to toss a few bucks my way. I promise to use them for good, like buying more sunscreen and snow tires.


So you’re stuck in your car wondering why the line isn’t moving and you saw this QR code or someone shared this, and you took the initiative to scan it! Congrats you’re a self starter and a go getter or maybe just bored.

Either way here are some things you should know about visiting Tahoe or the North side of the lake during this busy World Cup Weekend. We heard that Palisades is expecting to have over 30,000 people visiting this weekend and well the bad news is the parking lot is probably already full, the good news is you can sit in your car and continue to read on.

In The Village at Palisades Tahoe, we offer 4,200 free, general parking spaces on a first-come, first-serve basis. Follow directional signage when you arrive. We also have a Carpool Parking Lot for groups of 3 or more.

Official Link

To give you an idea of what the parking lot looks like we took the initiative to take some drone shots earlier this year during a busy Saturday.

While you lean over and show the rest of the people in the car these photos lets move on to some things about Tahoe you may not know about.

Hey, while you’re sitting in your car, why not turn up some local tunes from Pipedown? This up-and-coming band will provide you with some laid-back California reggae vibes while you’re stuck in traffic. And if you happen to have any connections in the music scene, do us a favor and reach out to them, because they’re poised to take off this year!

So why did the change the name from Squaw Valley to Palisades Tahoe?

The decision to change the name of Squaw Valley to Palisades Tahoe was driven by a desire to acknowledge and respect the cultural sensitivities of Indigenous peoples. The term “squaw” has long been considered a derogatory and offensive term for Indigenous women, and as such, the continued use of the name was seen as inappropriate and insensitive. The resort’s management recognized the need to move away from this problematic language and opted to adopt a new name that reflects the natural beauty and cultural heritage of the region.

In choosing the name Palisades Tahoe, the resort’s management sought to celebrate the area’s stunning natural surroundings and honor the heritage of the Washoe Tribe, who are the original inhabitants of the region. The new name was chosen after extensive consultation with the local community, including the Washoe Tribe, and represents a significant step towards creating a more inclusive and respectful environment. By changing the name, the resort is taking an important step towards recognizing and addressing the harms caused by cultural insensitivity, and paving the way for a more positive and collaborative future.

Wait hold up? Doesn’t a palisade mean a fence pole or a fence to keep people out?

While the term “palisade” can refer to a type of fence or fortification made of wooden stakes or poles, it can also have other meanings. In the case of the new name for Squaw Valley, Palisades Tahoe, the term “palisades” is actually a reference to the stunning natural cliffs and rock formations in the area, which are known as the Palisades. These geological features are a defining characteristic of the region and are highly valued by locals and visitors alike.

Looking to rent some ski’s or snowboards?

Check out Tahoe Daves, which has 5 locations around the North side of the lake. They have plenty of equipment to rent and an amazing staff that can help you out. Tahoe Daves has been round for some 40+ years and employees a lot of locals, and on top of that Dave the owner even goes the extra mile and has some employee housing.

Here are some reasons to rent locally

By renting ski’s and snowboards from Tahoe Daves, a local rental shop that’s been around for over 40 years, you’ll save yourself from dragging all that equipment up from wherever you’re visiting and filling up your car. Plus, you won’t be feeding the big corporate beasts like Sports Basement and other similar places.

What happens if you get to the slopes and your boots don’t fit or hurt? You’re stuck with them for the weekend if you rented from those big corporations. But if you rented from Tahoe Daves, you can exchange them for a better fit and hit the slopes in comfort. Plus, by renting from a local shop, you’re supporting a small business and the local economy. So, skip the big box stores and rent local for a better experience all around.

Ok back to our regular scheduled rant..

I hope you have moved more than a few houses forward while still waiting and hoping to park your car somewhere.

Here are some thing you may not be aware of.

      • Lake Tahoe is the second-deepest lake in the United States, with a maximum depth of 1,645 feet. It is also the tenth-deepest lake in the world.

      • The water in Lake Tahoe is known for its clarity and purity, with an average visibility of around 70 feet. In fact, it is one of the clearest lakes in the world.

      • The lake is fed by 63 streams and rivers, but has only one outlet, the Truckee River, which flows into Pyramid Lake in Nevada.

      • The surrounding mountains of Lake Tahoe were formed by volcanic activity over millions of years, and are part of the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

      • Lake Tahoe is home to a number of unique species of wildlife, including the Lahontan cutthroat trout, the American pika, and the Sierra Nevada red fox, which are all considered threatened or endangered. The lake is also a popular destination for birdwatchers, with over 200 species of birds found in the area.

    Oh wait.. we meant to say.

    We love that you’re coming to visit our beautiful part of the world. However, there are a few things we need to get off our chest. You see, some of you have a tendency to behave in ways that make us locals cringe. So, in the interest of making your stay and ours more enjoyable, we’ve put together a little guide on things you shouldn’t do while you’re here.

        • Please Don’t Park on the Sides of Our Roads As you may have noticed, our roads are only one lane in each direction, and we don’t have any shoulders to speak of. So, if you’re driving and need to take a break, please don’t park on the side of the road. It’s dangerous for everyone involved. Instead, try to find a pullout or parking lot.

        • Don’t Stop All the Traffic to Put or Take off Your Chains If it’s snowing during your visit, you’ll need to put on chains or snow tires to get around. Please don’t wait until you’re on the road to do this. Find a safe spot to put on or take off your chains before you hit the road. And please, don’t stop in the middle of the road to do it. This is a surefire way to make all the locals hate you.

        • Don’t Leave Snow on Top of Your Car When You Leave the Driveway We get it, it’s a pain to clean the snow off your car. But leaving it on top when you drive is dangerous for everyone on the road. Not to mention, it’s illegal in many states. So, take the extra few minutes to clear the snow off your car before you hit the road.

        • Respect Quiet Hours for Short Term Rentals We love that you’re having fun on your vacation, but please be considerate of those around you. Short term rental properties are required to abide by quiet hours between 9:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. If you’re sitting in a hot tub, keep the noise down. Sound travels far in the woods, and your neighbors will thank you for being respectful.

        • Be Kind to the Locals Who Are Working We know it’s frustrating when things don’t go according to plan, but please don’t take it out on the locals who are working. We’re doing our best to make your stay enjoyable, but we can’t control everything. If you’re having a bad day, take a deep breath and try to be kind. It goes a long way.

        • Don’t Park Like You Own the Place We don’t have a lot of parking spaces in Tahoe, so please don’t park like you own the place. Be mindful of other drivers and try to park in a way that allows everyone to get in and out of their spots. Don’t take up two spaces, park in a handicapped spot if you’re not disabled, or block someone in. It’s just not cool.

      We hope this guide has been helpful. Remember, we love having you here, but please try to be mindful of how you’re impacting the locals and the environment. If we all work together, we can make Lake Tahoe a great place for everyone.

      This can really go a long way for everyone. Oh I think we should clarify a bit why your shouldn’t leave snow on the top of your car especially since we are expecting quite a bit of snow.

          • Visibility Snow on the top of your car can slide down onto your windshield while you’re driving, obstructing your view and potentially causing an accident.

          • Safety If you brake suddenly, snow on the roof of your car can fly off and hit the vehicle behind you or cause a hazard for other drivers.

          • Legal requirements Some states or regions have laws requiring drivers to remove snow from the top of their car before driving, and failing to do so can result in a fine.

          • Damage Snow and ice can damage the roof of your car or scratch the paint, which can be costly to repair over time.

        Lake Tahoe and its resilience from draught to filled lake

        In 2015, Lake Tahoe experienced a severe drought that left the lake at dangerously low levels. The lake is a major source of drinking water for the surrounding communities and a popular tourist destination, so the low water levels were a cause for concern. Many boat docks were left high and dry, and the shoreline receded significantly.

        The drought was caused by a combination of factors, including a lack of snowfall during the winter and a warm, dry summer. The snowpack in the Sierra Nevada mountains, which feeds the lake, was at a record low. The result was a decrease in the amount of water flowing into the lake, causing the water levels to drop.

        However, in the winter of 2017/2018, Lake Tahoe was blessed with a series of powerful winter storms that dumped record amounts of snowfall. The snowpack in the Sierra Nevada mountains rebounded, and the lake began to refill. The increase in water levels was a relief for both locals and tourists alike.

        The heavy snowfall also brought some challenges, however. The snowpack was so deep that many roads and highways in the area were closed, making travel difficult. Ski resorts, on the other hand, were thrilled with the abundance of snow and experienced a busy season.

        Overall, the recovery of Lake Tahoe after the drought was a great reminder of the resilience of nature and the importance of responsible water management. The lake continues to be a vital resource for the region, and its recovery is a cause for celebration.

        Here is a short video of someone we know that captured by drone these changes.

        Palisades Events

        Official Link – World Cup Events at Palisades

        Here are some things we are looking forward to outside of the actual going down a slop in a tiny jump suite at 500 miles an hour on ice.

        Some free concerts and Fireworks.

        One such event is the free concert with Black Jacket Symphony featuring Marc Martel on Friday, February 24 at 7:00 pm. Black Jacket Symphony is a group of talented musicians who perform classic rock albums in their entirety, note-for-note. Marc Martel, on the other hand, is a Canadian musician and singer-songwriter who gained fame as the lead vocalist for the Queen Extravaganza touring band. Together, these two acts promise to deliver a night of unforgettable music.

        On Saturday, February 25, there are two more free concerts to look forward to. First up is Noah Kahan at 6:30 pm. Noah is a Vermont-based singer-songwriter who has been making waves in the indie folk scene with his introspective lyrics and soulful vocals. Then at 8:00 pm, 311 takes the stage. 311 is a multi-platinum selling rock band hailing from Omaha, Nebraska, known for their unique blend of rock, reggae, and hip-hop. With over 25 years of experience and a loyal fanbase, 311 promises to bring their A-game to the Lake Tahoe stage.

        But the fun doesn’t stop there. At 9:30 pm on Saturday, there will be an incredible fireworks display that is sure to light up the night sky. Few things are as exhilarating as watching fireworks explode in a kaleidoscope of colors against the backdrop of the snow-capped mountains. So, whether you’re a fan of classic rock, indie folk, or reggae-infused hip-hop, or just love a good fireworks show, Lake Tahoe has got you covered.

        Here are some honest suggestions on how have fun this weekend.

        If you’re planning a visit to Tahoe during the tourist season or the downhill Slalom event, you better brace yourself for some crazy traffic. I mean, we’re already overpopulated here, and now with the event, it’s going to be pure chaos. So, make sure to give yourself plenty of time to get around, or you’ll be stuck in your car for hours.

        If you’re visiting Palisades and planning to leave, keep in mind the events listed above and plan accordingly. We only have one lane out, and during the last event, people were stuck for hours just trying to reach Highway 89. And from there, it’s another hour or so to reach Tahoe City or Truckee, California, so plan ahead.

        Now, let’s talk about restaurants. Don’t even think about rolling up and expecting to get seated right away. The wait times are going to be long, so our advice is to cook at home and enjoy the company of your friends and family. Don’t get me wrong, we love our local businesses, and we want you to support them, but it’s all about managing your expectations to avoid getting frustrated, upset, and taking it out on others. So, be patient, and don’t forget to tip your servers generously!

        We do want your business but read ahead.

        Btw hopefully you have moved a 1/4 of a mile down the road and are close to maybe getting a parking spot.

        As a tourist visiting Lake Tahoe, it’s important to understand that the small local mountain towns in the area have been facing a significant problem in recent years. Many big cities and surrounding areas have been invading these towns, causing the cost of living to skyrocket. Unfortunately, this has forced many locals who work in the service industry out of their homes because they simply can’t afford the high rent prices.

        It’s crucial to realize that these locals are the backbone of the community, and their contributions are essential to making your visit to Lake Tahoe enjoyable. They work in hotels, restaurants, and other tourist-facing businesses, ensuring that your stay is comfortable and memorable. However, because they can no longer afford to live in the area, they are being forced to move further away, which can impact the quality of their work.

        So, as a responsible and respectful tourist, we urge you to be mindful of the impact of your visit on the local community. Consider staying in locally-owned accommodations and eating at locally-owned restaurants to support the local economy. Also, please be patient and understanding if you encounter any service delays, as many workers may have to commute from farther away to get to their jobs. By doing so, you can help ensure that Lake Tahoe remains a thriving and sustainable destination for generations to come.

        We are in no way affiliated with Palisades Tahoe or are a part of any sort of tourism board, these are just some concerns and observations along with just not forgetting we are all human and we should be all treated with kindness. Take this trip and relax a bit, yea you are sitting in traffic to fine parking and you will be sitting in traffic trying to go home but you probably knew this already.

        We don’t expect everyone to relate to what we wrote, but they are valid concerns and its so hard to seeing long term friends having to move away because their small bedroom they where renting went from $300-500 a month to $1000-1200 month. Maybe some of you guys that own second homes take the next step to rent out your place to locals who are struggling to stay here. We have a great local resource that helps match homeowners with locals looking for places. Check out Landing Locals if you’re interested and as I write this, we are having to leave the spot we are in to find another place to live in the Tahoe City / West shore area but this may be our last year here which is a common thing among locals here that do not own a house.

        Ok some shameless plugs for my friends and places I like

        Hey, we’re not gonna beat around the bush here. We’ve been working hard to provide you with all the juicy deets about Lake Tahoe, and we hope you’ve found our tips and tricks helpful. But let’s cut to the chase – if you enjoyed this post, we wouldn’t say no to a little donation.

        Look, we get it. You’ve already spent a fortune on your trip, and the last thing you want is to throw more money at some strangers on the internet. But think about it this way: by donating, you’ll be supporting our cause to survive and thrive in this beautiful place we call home. Plus, if you have way too much money and don’t know what to do with it, we’re more than happy to take it off your hands.

        So go ahead, click on that donation button and make our day. We promise to use the money wisely – like buying more coffee to keep us going through those late-night writing sessions. And who knows, maybe one day we’ll be able to upgrade from our old beat-up laptops to something a little fancier. Thanks in advance for your generosity, and we hope to see you back in Tahoe soon!








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